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Who doesn’t want to travel around the world? It’s a point on 90% of bucket lists. We decided that we would travel the world as well. In 10 days we are going to visit 10 countries. We just wish we could go there physically.imageFrom September 15 to 24, Sticky9 will “visit” 10 specific countries to offer a 24 hour two-for-one deal. And it’s all a surprise. We will never reveal where are you going to be next which means that… We just need to stay tuned and see if we will “visit” you and your country…

#Sticky9 Spotted

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Every day we take a look at our dear #Sticky9 to see where are we traveling to and what shapes and forms we are being transformed into.

Here’s a few snaps of those who melted a little bit our heart.


@lieslbwoods has a mix of magnets that goes from family and friends to party and cool effects with mini flashlights. LOVE


You all know that we love dogs specially daschunds. Mattie (the cutie pie in the picture) loves Sticky9 as well. The love is mutual. @cholled


There’s a mystery around how the pyramids in Egypt were built. But we can say that @jennafoofy’s pyramid was built out of love.


The Circle of Life is an iconic song from The Lion King. @mrsshellward decided to create her own in her living room. We’ve got the information that its a massive talking point every time someone pops around.

Reimagining the retro

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The Intrepid Large Format camera is a redesign of the traditional large format camera; these cameras are the kind that uses bellows and sheets of film, with the photographer often placing a black cloth over his head to focus the image on a glass screen.

As we get nostalgic all month, Sticky9 invited Maxim Grew to explain why he set about recreating the photographic experience for our digital age.

"This branch of photography has continued defiantly to produce some of the most important and beautiful pictures ever created. It has resisted the digital revolution and continues to attract new passionate photographers despite the technology being over 100 years old. This attraction is for one simple reason, large format photography is as far away from digital photography you could possibly get, there is 0% automation, your camera does not have a microchip for a brain, it has a photographer. It is entirely pure photography and allows maximum creative freedom. The large format camera is a tool for art, not convenience, the images have warmth to them akin to the sound of a vinyl record and a quality to them you just can’t quite put your finger on. So maybe it isn’t one simple reason, maybe I don’t really know exactly why these cameras are so special. I do however know they are manifestly important to the future of photography, and to me. 

So why redesign this ‘perfect’ camera? Well I felt there was a need for an affordable non second hand camera, that is simple to use, lightweight, compact and most of all a great tool to get new photographers passionate about large format photography. This fantastic art form will only live on if people continue to discover and enjoy it and I hope the Intrepid Camera can help people do just that.”

You can find out more about the Intrepid Camera here and we’ll be letting Maxim loose on our Instagram feed for those of you who want a quick how to in creating beautiful photography.

Something magical…

We announced that we still had one more surprise to reveal… So without further ado let us introduce to you…

image….Reusable Stickers! But these are not regular stickers.

There’s something magical about them. You can stick, unstick, stick and unstick and so on and they will never loose resistance. And if they do…Don’t you worry. Just put a few drops of water and resistance will come back.

For $14.99 you can get a set of 19 Sticky9 Reusable Stickers in three different sizes. And you can stick them in every smooth surface. Mirrors, glass, wood, walls, and on your gadgets. You will definitely give a new life to your objects and to your surroundings.

So, what are you waiting for…? Let’s get magical.

7 tips to take awesome pictures with your phone

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We saw this post on Redit and on and we couldn’t stop sharing. These are amazing tips to take beautiful snaps. And maybe who knows… In the future create Sticky9 Magnets with them…

1. The “Panodash”
While taking panoramic pictures with a friend, have them run and pose into each frame for a surreal shot.

2. Pano drive-by
Use the panoramic setting on your camera in a car for amazing ‘stretch’ shots of the street (but not while driving, please).

3. Zoom lens
You can use binoculars as a zoom lens for your phone.

4. Macro lens
A single drop of water creates a natural microscope for small objects.

5. Reflector
A dashboard protector makes a great improvised lighting tool.

6. Tripod and shutter cable for “Armless” selfies
This simple homemade cardboard “tripod” combined with a shutter cable will allow you to take much less awkward selfies.

7. Underwater housing
Want to film something in the water without fear of getting your phone soaked? Use a glass to protect it!

It’s September!

September always brings a bittersweet taste doesn’t it? It’s the acknowledgement that Summer is basically over and we go back to our daily routine. That’s why we decided that September should be our month of Nostalgia.

We are going to make a few trips down memory lane and cool things are happening this month. We are going to travel the world (cyber-travel), announce a new product and have another cool competition. Sounds exciting right? Just need to stay tuned!

Uuuhh… What’s coming…?

We started the month with a 3 for 2 promotion. Also, the #Sticky9Surprise competition was a great success with hundreds of entries. But we still have something to announce…But not right now. Just stay tuned because things are going to stick around here…


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Every year, the last Wednesday in August represents a very special day for the village of Buñol, 40 km away from Valencia, Spain. The biggest food fight takes place.

La Tomatina put this little village on the map. No one really knows when or how it started. There are a few different theories though. The one that gets more consensus is that it started in 1944 or 1945. The how is an issue. Some people say it was a local food war, others say a practical joke on a bad musician and a few claim that a lorry spilled the tomatoes leading a messy aftermath. The most popular theory is that a a group of villagers attacked the councilmen during a town celebration. Apparently the residents of Buñol enjoyed it so much that it became a trend and the most precious tradition of the village.


In 2012 50 thousand people attended, while the population of Buñol is just over 9 thousand! Yikes. To limit these numbers the city council decided to limit these numbers to 20 thousand by creating a ticket system. If you don’t have a ticket you can’t participate.

There are a few rules just to keep things “not-so-anarchic”. La Tomatina should only start when a brave soul reaches a ham tied on the top of a pole, two stories high. After that, and for one hour almost everything goes. Apparently you can’t throw glass bottles. Just as well. After one hour, water cannons will be fired to signal the end of the battle. And then we presume everyone just goes home for a nice bath and a jug of sangria… 

#Sticky9Surprise Winner

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It’s time to announce the winner of our #Sticky9Surprise competition! 

Drum roll please….

Please congratulate @gailmcg for this snap! 

We had hundreds of entries and to pick only one winner was tough. Capturing the essence of surprise in a picture might be one of the hardest things to do however @gailmcg managed to do so with an alpaca. We couldn’t stop laughing when we saw this picture. Who knew that alpacas could be surprised in this way.

Congratulations @gailmcg! You will get your hands on a Magnet Wall Frame!


You loved our first surprise: a week long 3 for 2 on EVERYTHING.

Our second surprise is still ongoing but it’s almost over! Until August 25 you can send us your best (TA-DAAAA moment) picture. The only thing you have to do is to use #Sticky9Surprise on Instagram. We have one Magnet Wall Frame to giveaway to our favourite surprising snap.image

So what are you waiting for? Surprise us!

And there’s still more to come… another mystery to be unveiled. Watch this space!

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