#Sticky9 Spotted

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Since the last time we shared some of the #Sticky9 snaps that are going around the social world, we added a new member to our family: Square Prints and it looks like you guys are loving them.

Come with us to do a round-up of what’s been happening in the social world of Sticky9.


@chickypix has all the versions of our magnets: classic, large and jigsaw. Simply brilliant.


Some people love Sticky9. Others (likes us) have Sticky9itis. It’s real and no cure has been found. Just ask @the_little_pink_house and her impressive 300 magnet collection. 

imageWho needs cartoons when you have a fridge filled with beautiful magnets, right @leenicholspickes?

imageOur Square Prints are already a great success. Look at this lovely display by @t_2d_j_2d_a_2d_y.

imageWhen we hear that our magnets travel around the world our faces just glow. @madbadpanda is very happy how her beautiful magnets traveled speedily to the land of Ethiopia. 

Square Prints

Drum roll please… It’s time to introduce the latest member of the Sticky9 family!  Our super Square Prints! (Ta -dah!)


Our new Square Prints are just marvellous and here’s why… They come in sets of 27; each individual print is 10 cm X 10 cm.  Your pictures will be printed on high quality smooth card with a premium matt finish and framed with a white border just like our dear Sticky9 magnets.

Perfect for your home, desk or as gifts, the possibilities are endless with our latest offering :) But don’t take our word for it, try them yourself and share your photos using #Sticky9

Go on, how can you resist?  


One of our favourite holidays is approaching and we couldn’t be happier. We are obviously talking about Halloween! October 31st marks the day of trick or treat, house TPing, scary tales and spooky costumes. And this year we want to celebrate it big time!


Starting today until November 5th we are going to run a competition on Instagram to enjoy a full month of ghoulish fun. 

What do we want? Your best Halloween snaps! Share them on Instagram using #Sticky9Fright. If you have a private account, just take a screenshot of your shared picture and send it to us via a direct message on Instagram.

What’s the prize? Our beautiful Magnet Wall Frame with an extra large set of magnets so you can enjoy the awesomeness of swapping around your Stickies.

So come on, scare us. Do your worst! #Sticky9Fright

October is here!


We hate to say it but sadly Summer is over. It’s time for boots, scarves and mittens as the days start to get shorter and we feel that familiar chill in the air. But wait, all is not lost! Summer can continue to shine on with the extension of our Summer offer - 3 for 2 on everything until the 6th October!

…And that’s not all, we have a jam-packed month of excitement coming up just for you.  Following the launch of reusable stickers last month we felt we were on a roll so stay tuned for the announcement of the next Sticky9 product…

Also, let’s not forget that it’s nearly time for everyone’s favourite fright night.  Yes, it’s true, we love Halloween so much we will be having a whole host of celebrations! Keep an eye out for Halloween-themed posts in all the usual places and special spooky competitions. But we will tell you more about that further down the road.

Finally, we mustn’t forget that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so in honour of this we will have a pink background on our Facebook and Twitter profile pictures to show our support.

All this and more coming up in October! So stay tuned sticky9ers!

#Sticky9 Spotted

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We are pretty social people, personally and technologically speaking. So we love to take a look at what’s going on with #Sticky9 and share some of the ones that caught our eye.

image@nzcrystal always keeps calm and carries on increasing her stunning Sticky9 collection.

imageOur reusable stickers are becoming a bit of a phenomenon as well. Precious memories shared by @kaypuimaheinrichs.


How to protect your phone with cuteness? Ask @til_mor how to do it.

imageThis one melted our hearts. @dayreiner uses our Magnet Wall Frame for pictures of his wee one.

imageWe are all about colour, art and beauty. @canonpia manages to have all three on this set of magnets.

Around the world in the Sticky9 way

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To mark our recent Sticky9 Globe trotting we invited Instagramers from all over the world to share their photographic interpretation of their country. If you missed them on Instagram or want some travel inspiration of your own, here comes the round up…


Our first stop down under. @robmulally captured the awe-inspiring architecture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.


@Gladyssoh flew the flag for Singapore.


@muenchmax pays homage to Saxony and to Berlin.


En France @alistair_wheeler made us come over a little “ooh la la”. 


@bobbyanwar and his monochrome magnet collection left us craving Danish beauty and creativity.


@servoss celebrates both the breathtaking Norwegian land and sea.


@Dashable shares the magic and gothic intrigue of Sweden’s scenery.


Local girl @miss_jess shows off Sticky9’s very own London.


And as we wrapped things up on the other side of the pond, @brillinatartistry shows us Washington DC by night.

Global Gift

Who doesn’t want to travel around the world? It’s a point on 90% of bucket lists. We decided that we would travel the world as well. In 10 days we are going to visit 10 countries. We just wish we could go there physically.imageFrom September 15 to 24, Sticky9 will “visit” 10 specific countries to offer a 24 hour two-for-one deal. And it’s all a surprise. We will never reveal where are you going to be next which means that… We just need to stay tuned and see if we will “visit” you and your country…

#Sticky9 Spotted

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Every day we take a look at our dear #Sticky9 to see where are we traveling to and what shapes and forms we are being transformed into.

Here’s a few snaps of those who melted a little bit our heart.


@lieslbwoods has a mix of magnets that goes from family and friends to party and cool effects with mini flashlights. LOVE


You all know that we love dogs specially daschunds. Mattie (the cutie pie in the picture) loves Sticky9 as well. The love is mutual. @cholled


There’s a mystery around how the pyramids in Egypt were built. But we can say that @jennafoofy’s pyramid was built out of love.


The Circle of Life is an iconic song from The Lion King. @mrsshellward decided to create her own in her living room. We’ve got the information that its a massive talking point every time someone pops around.

Reimagining the retro

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The Intrepid Large Format camera is a redesign of the traditional large format camera; these cameras are the kind that uses bellows and sheets of film, with the photographer often placing a black cloth over his head to focus the image on a glass screen.

As we get nostalgic all month, Sticky9 invited Maxim Grew to explain why he set about recreating the photographic experience for our digital age.

"This branch of photography has continued defiantly to produce some of the most important and beautiful pictures ever created. It has resisted the digital revolution and continues to attract new passionate photographers despite the technology being over 100 years old. This attraction is for one simple reason, large format photography is as far away from digital photography you could possibly get, there is 0% automation, your camera does not have a microchip for a brain, it has a photographer. It is entirely pure photography and allows maximum creative freedom. The large format camera is a tool for art, not convenience, the images have warmth to them akin to the sound of a vinyl record and a quality to them you just can’t quite put your finger on. So maybe it isn’t one simple reason, maybe I don’t really know exactly why these cameras are so special. I do however know they are manifestly important to the future of photography, and to me. 

So why redesign this ‘perfect’ camera? Well I felt there was a need for an affordable non second hand camera, that is simple to use, lightweight, compact and most of all a great tool to get new photographers passionate about large format photography. This fantastic art form will only live on if people continue to discover and enjoy it and I hope the Intrepid Camera can help people do just that.”

You can find out more about the Intrepid Camera here and we’ll be letting Maxim loose on our Instagram feed for those of you who want a quick how to in creating beautiful photography.

Something magical…

We announced that we still had one more surprise to reveal… So without further ado let us introduce to you…

image….Reusable Stickers! But these are not regular stickers.

There’s something magical about them. You can stick, unstick, stick and unstick and so on and they will never loose resistance. And if they do…Don’t you worry. Just put a few drops of water and resistance will come back.

For $14.99 you can get a set of 19 Sticky9 Reusable Stickers in three different sizes. And you can stick them in every smooth surface. Mirrors, glass, wood, walls, and on your gadgets. You will definitely give a new life to your objects and to your surroundings.

So, what are you waiting for…? Let’s get magical.

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