Happy Mother’s Day!

To everyone celebrating Mother’s Day today, we’re wishing you a marvellous, marvellous day.  May you enjoy some quality fun times with your family and loved ones and may you make happy new Mother’s Day memories :)  Oh - and remember to put your feet up and relax! 

H A P P Y     M O T H E R ’ S      D A Y !

Actually, there’s NOT an app for that…

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Now, we love a good app as much as the next person, of course we do! Heck, without Instagram we just wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves - but some things just can’t be ‘appified’.  

As a gentle public reminder to parents and children that there’s a world beyond ‘the screen’, Hyper Island students Caio Andrade, Rafael Ochoa and Linn Wexell designed, printed and distributed ‘Not available on the App Store’ stickers around real-life fun stuff in their neighbourhood. 

These photos of the ‘Not available on the App Store’ playground are wonderful. 

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday for many of you, we hope you enjoy those real world moments this weekend. Have fun together, spend some time, do something lovely. Then, from your good times + Mother’s Day memories, treat yourself to some Sticky9 mementos ;) 

The #Sticky9 Draft: Who made the team?

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As players bite their nails, anxiously waiting to be selected and sports fans across America hope their favourite budding stars make the cut in the 2014 NFL draft, we’ve drafted our top pics from the inspiring photos you’ve shared with us recently! 


By @ceciii90


By @langloisphotography


By @mcgruebner


By @unacasaconvistas.

To share YOUR Sticky9 product pics, just tag ‘em #Sticky9 so we can find you. Our favourites will feature here :) You might even see your photo pop up in our newsletter. Go on, inspire your Instagram followers! 

'Much Loved' by Mark Nixon

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For anyone whose first real babyhood friend was a soft toy - a fluffy rabbit, a tatty bear or a fuzzy cat with one eye missing, ‘Much Loved’ is for you. Irish photographer Mark Nixon’s compilation of toy profiles and owner/friend memories and stories is a delight. The motley crew of soft toys each have their own biographies but with one thing in common. They’ve all been ‘loved to bits’. 

Samuel (age unknown) belongs to Maria Hurley

Ted (age 3.5) belongs to Anne Marie Lents.

Peter Rabbit (age 10) belongs to Callum Nixon.

Greg’s Bear (age unknown) belongs to Bono + Ali Hewson.

To learn more about Mark’s work and to find out about his Much Loved book, visit his website

For many of you, Sunday is Mother’s Day. Does your Mum still have your favourite soft toy? Do you still have your favourite soft toy? Who is your baby’s favourite soft toy? Oh PLEASE share a photo!  We’d love, love, love to see!  Post your photos to Instagram. Tag them #Sticky9 so we can find you :)  We’ll post as many as we can on the blog! 

Source:  Much Loved (published by Abrams Image), Brain Pickings, Mark Nixon

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Capturing Cinco de Mayo on Instagram

To view more photos and videos from the Cinco de Mayo celebrations explore the Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de Puebla and Plaza Olvera location pages and browse the #cincodemayo hashtag.

On the fifth of May, or el cinco de Mayo, Mexican communities celebrate their heritage. Though Cinco de Mayo as it has come to be known is celebrated primarily by Mexican-American communities in the United States, the holiday’s roots begin with the 1862 Battle of Puebla in Puebla, Mexico. In the wake of a series of wars throughout the mid-1800s, the French army marched on Veracruz, sending the Mexican president and government into retreat. At the small city of Puebla, however, Mexican resistance defeated the French army despite being heavily outnumbered. Though not a national holiday in Mexico, the town of Puebla marks the day as an official holiday and celebrates with parades and festivities. Drawing on the bolstered morale and pride from the victory, Mexican-Americans in the western United States first adopted Cinco de Mayo as a holiday in the 1860s. Today, Cinco de Mayo stands as an important celebration of cultural heritage and is celebrated with festivals and performances of traditional mariachi and baile folklórico in cities with large Mexican-American communities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Houston.


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Ok. So we made that up.  It’s not really #TooCuteTuesday - but we really, really, really wanted to share these amazing photos by Ami Vitale from inside the Wolong National Nature Reserve. You see, the Wolong National Nature Reserve is home to the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda - a special dedicated centre where pandas are trained and prepped to be released in to the wild. Brace yourself…

The Keepers at the centre wear panda costumes (also scented like pandas!) to mimic conditions of the wild.

Where there aren’t enough panda costumes for the film crew - there are tree costumes! 

After being trained at the centre for 26 months, giant panda Zhang Xiang became the first female panda to be released into the wild in November 2013. 

We’re adding ‘meet a panda, Instagram a panda’ to our bucket lists right now. 

To see more from the centre, click here. You can also find out more about photographer Ami Vitale, on her website

Source: The Guardian

Sticky9 Spotting

Wowee. This week we’re especially impressed by your growing Sticky9 magnet collections! Some of you have taken to displaying your magnets on the wall (oh how we LOVE magnetic paint!), some of you are on the hunt for other metallic surfaces to decorate while others are covering fridges magnet by magnet :) Whatever your approach - your displays look blinkin’ marvellous!

By @polatbro.

By @mossyjojo.

By @kateshelver.

By @schoenundfein.

By @geikomaiko.

By @logenerose

By @sao0519.

Keep tagging your photos #Sticky9. Who knows! You might feature on the blog, on our social media profiles or even in our email newsletter :)  If want to get in touch - please do!  You can reach us at or connect with us via InstagramFacebookPinterest and Twitter

Have a great weekend!

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