Maybe it’s your lucky day?

Yip! Today could be your lucky day!  Heck, you’ve got the Irish on your side ;) If e’er there was a time to enter our #Sticky9FOREVER photo contest, it’s surely now. 

Want to get your hands on one of 6 stonking prizes? Sure you do! To be in with a shot, post photos of ‘the wonders of your world’ to Instagram and hashtag them #Sticky9FOREVER. If your profile is set to private, add @sticky9 too so we can find you + count your entry :) 

Winners will receive the ENTIRE Sticky9 collection (that’s ‘The Classic’ magnet pack, ‘The Jigsaw’ magnet pack, custom phone case + iPad cover) plus the A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book AND a Phoneography Starter Kit by PhotoJojo. Pretty neat, right? 

Get to it!  We’ve 6 more Sticky9 prize bundles to give away between now and the 21st March :) 

Good luck! 

[Photo by Instagrammer @hellooocharlie] 

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Our friends over at Instagram have compiled a little overview of St. Patrick’s Day fun. It’s pretty great! We did check this morning, but sadly, The Thames remains a murky grey/brown/blue colour ;) 

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Across the World

To view more photos and videos from St. Patrick’s day celebrations, browse the #stpatricksday hashtag on Instagram.

Green-clad, shamrock-decorated and probably drinking a pint of Guinness, people of Irish descent across the world will take to the streets and pubs to celebrate Irish heritage for St. Patrick’s Day on Monday. The first Feast of St. Patrick honored the 5th-century patron saint of Ireland and the arrival of Christianity in the 1600s. Restrictions on eating and drinking for lent are lifted on this day, adding to the merry St. Paddy’s Day atmosphere. This year Ireland also celebrates winning the Six Nations rugby title, after defeating France on Saturday. A public holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland, March 17 is also widely celebrated across the world by enthusiastic expats.

(Source: instagram)

St Patrick’s Day is making us hungry *rumble*

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Is your St. Patrick’s Day partying over? Or just beginning? Either way, we’re pretty sure we can tempt you with a delicious corned beef hash slider, a giant bowl of colcannon and a shamrock shake, right? 

We’ve been pinning a wee St. Patrick’s Day shindig + celebrating all things green over on Pinterest today :) 

Colcannon recipe pinned from Cafe Sucre Farine

Corned beef hash sliders pinned from

Homemade shamrock shake pinned from Your Home Based Mom.

Crikey, if you weren’t hungry before, I bet you are now! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! :) 

#Sticky9FOREVER: Winner 3

Congratulations to… @babydollvm :) You are our third #Sticky9FOREVER contest winner and shortly, you will be receiving a bumper Sticky9 prize bundle! 


We’re picking a contest winner every day until 21st March. There are still 6 prizes up for grabs. If you would like to get your hands on the ENTIRE Sticky9 collection + the A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book AND a Phoneography Start Kit from Photo JoJo, post pics of ‘the wonders of your world’ to Instagram and tag ‘em #Sticky9FOREVER :) 

Good luck! 

Never a dull moment in THIS family album!

Photographer Jason Lee has no time for fuddy duddy family photo albums. He’s too busy harnessing his daughters’ creative (and sometimes bonkers!) ideas to compile a remarkable, ever-growing collection of super fun and unique family photos. Here are just some of the results…

For more, visit 'Sisters' a photo journal for/by/about Jason’s daughters Kristin + Kayla. To see more of Jason’s photography work see his website.

Whoopeeee!  It’s time to announce another #Sticky9FOREVER winner. This is so much fun. Maybe we should have a competition every day? ;) 

Today’s winner is… Instagrammer @Chynnat0wn!

To be in with a chance of winning a Sticky9 prize bundle including our ENTIRE collection *and* photo goodies from A Beautiful Mess and PhotoJojo, tag photos of ‘the wonders of your world’ #Sticky9FOREVER on Instagram. We’ve 7 more winners to pick between now and the 21st March :) 

#Sticky9FOREVER: Winner 1 

Our #Sticky9FOREVER contest is now absolutely underway and we’ve *just* announced our very first winner! 

Today’s winner is… @blustarzshivr

We’ve got 8 more Sticky9 prize bundles to give away between now and the 21st March so get entering now! Just post a photo of the wonder(s) of your world to Instagram and tag it #Sticky9FOREVER to be in with a chance of winning :)  Full details are here

Congratulations to our first winner - and we wish you all good luck in the coming days!

Our first EVER Sticky9 Photo Contest: 9 days, 9 prizes, 9 winners

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Well, we can’t go ahead and change our name without throwing a celebratory photo contest now can we? Are you ready to enter our first ever Sticky9 competition? Sure you are…

The contest kicks off TODAY (Thursday 13th March) and lasts 9 full days. Every day, between the 13th March and the 21st March, we’ll pick our favourite entry and that lucky blighter will win an enormo Sticky9 prize bundle.

Winners will receive:

‘The Classic’ magnet pack‘The Jigsaw’ magnet packA Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Booka Sticky9 phone case, a Phoneography Starter Kit by PhotoJojo, a secret special Sticky9 surprise (that you will love), AND a Sticky9 iPad cover!  Oh – and we’ll throw in some extra stuff for you too just for fun!


It’s no secret that our Sticky9 magnets are the 9 little wonders of our world, but we want to know about the wonders of your world. Show us your neighbourhood, show us your family, show us the people, places + things that are most important to you, the things that make you go, ‘Wow’. To enter, post your photo to Instagram + tag it #Sticky9FOREVER.

The super-duper Phoneography Starter Kit by PhotoJojo! Imagine how great your Sticky9 magnets will look once you’ve learned to use all this stuff! 

And the A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book is one of our very favourite things. We just know you will love it too! May you never run out of photos to transform into Sticky9 products! 

So… Get set, go! Have fun, everyone! :) 

The Rules: 1) Multiple entries are allowed 2) You can enter every single day if you like but you can only win once 3) You must use the #Sticky9FOREVER tag. Your photo isn’t an entry without it! 4) Winners will be selected every day and announced the day after via Instagram Direct/our Instagram feed 5) We may feature your entry on the blog, on our social media profiles and/or in our newsletter 6) Prizes will be dispatched then the contest ends. We will be in touch with all winners re. postal address etc. and we’ll let you know when your prize is on its way! 


Yipee! Sticky9 is HERE!

That’s right. We have a new name! It’s official. StickyGram is now Sticky9. I guess that makes you… Sticky9ers! Hello Sticky9ers :) 

Now Sticky9 is here, things will only get bigger and better! You see, our new name fits perfectly with exciting plans to grow our product collection and to improve the way the website works.

We want you to have a great time shopping with us and we want to offer you even more options to have fun with your photos (yip, even non-Instagram ones!). 

Pretty soon, you’ll have the pick of 9 creatively awesome products to share with your world. Imagine! Not only that, but we’ll reveal all sorts of new ways for you to join us on the Sticky9 adventure. We know we’re lucky to have you with us :) 

Of course, our beloved magnet packs will remain at the heart of everything we do. Crikey - that iconic 9-grid is the very reason we chose Sticky9 as our new name!


If feels good to finally spill our Sticky9 beans! 

You’ll see our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profiles bear our new name now. Don’t worry – if you ‘liked’ us before, you’ll ‘like’ us now. Literally. We’ll be making little tweaks here and there over the next few days ;) 

Oh and remember to tag us #Sticky9 in your Instagram photos from now on. Yayee! Big news, right? 


Get in touch with us at

9 Instagram Moments: Our Story So Far!

This is a pretty momentous week for StickyGram and for you, StickyGram lovers! Changes are afoot at HQ and we’re excited to tell you that things are only set to get bigger and better in our corner of the Instagram world. 

Today we’re looking back at our story so far. Let’s take a walk down memory lane! 


This is one of our very first Instagram photos and an early snap of those fun little Instagram magnets we all know and love :) 


When Instagram opened their photo sharing service for Android users, we welcomed thousands and thousands of new Instagrammers to the world of StickyGram. We sent our very own black cab across London to celebrate!


StickyGram fans, you are an international bunch! We encouraged you all to help us StickyGram the World and we did some StickyGramming of our own when we sent our French friends an extra special Bastille Day message… made from magnets! 


Our StickyGram family grew when we were adopted by Photobox. We got a new home and everything! This was a truly massive moment for us and we’ve not looked back! One of our all-time highlights :) 


When we went to live with Photobox, we swapped Exmouth Market for Borough Market. Every day, we cross London Bridge to get to StickyGram HQ and we never tire of this spectacular view! 


Our product collection got bigger when we introduced our custom phone cases and iPad covers. You seemed to approve!


Now, you might think that drinking tea isn’t really a ‘highlight’ or a ‘special moment’, but I can assure you that a steady flow of hot beverages keeps the StickyGram team ticking! We do our best thinking with a mug in our hands…


Photo magnets are at the heart of everything we do. We recently added a new member to the growing magnet family - The Jigsaw :) You asked us to make this - so we did! 


We announced that big news was coming and we told you were planning to change our name from StickyGram to Sticky9. You told us what you thought about our ideas for a new logo and we listened to what you had to say…

And now here we are, ready to embark on the next part of the adventure. We want you to join us! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter + Pinterest to keep up to date with all the latest - or get in touch at with your thoughts and ideas! 

Like we always say at exciting moments like these…


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