Mad about dad

Dad’s special day is just around the corner and to mark the occasion we’re getting ready to show just how mad we are about dads.

We want your grams to collate an awesome Sticky9 dads of the world display at HQ.  Share your pics with us on Instagram using the #sticky9 hashtag and help us capture those precious and priceless dad moments. We even wanna see the ones you’d rather forget, like dad dancing or his 80s perm. *Group cringe*.

Oh and don’t forget if you want to gift your dad the Sticky9 way, then you can still order magnets in time for Fathers Day using our premium delivery service until June 5. Whooshhhhh.

To eat, or not to eat?

Now, we’d forgive you for simply reaching for the nearest spoon - but before you tuck in, guess what? These sticky temptations aren’t edible at all! Anna Barlow creates them entirely from clay, porcelain and glaze. Isn’t that clever? Isn’t that a little bit awesome? 




We’re sorry for making your tummy rumble. To learn more about Anna’s foodie work, read all about it here

If you were to magic up your very own ice cream flavour, what would it be? Tell us!  Get in touch via Instagram, Facebook + Twitter - or drop us a line at :) 

Sweet dreams

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Here at Sticky9 HQ, Queenie Liao, is our new favourite, super cool mom on the block. 

A free-lance artist and photographer, Queenie adds wonder and magic to her child Wengenn’s nap time. Using materials, toys and other props, Liao’s ‘Wengenn in Wonderland’ is a photographic tall tale woven through imaginative and adventurous dreamscapes.


[Photo by Sioin Queenie Liao via BoredPanda]

Sticky9 Spotting

I know we say it A LOT - but really… We will never tire of leafing through the #sticky9 hashtag!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your photos with us. Your Sticky9 collections look marvellous.  It’s great to see them growing week by week! :)  Here’s a round-up of some top #Sticky9 moments…

Love this colour-blocked display by @aussieellen

@noradinuzzo has found a fun, non-fridgey place for her magnets!

What we’d give to Sticky9 the Eiffel Tower!  @porqueviajamos' travel collection make us want to seek out new adventures :) 

Jealousy is an ugly trait, right? But there’s no hiding the fact we’re rather envious of @nickdeweerdt's super red kitchen!

Wheep! Definitely a #Sticky9 favourite! Thanks for sharing, @cyndit30

It’s no secret. We LOVE a magnetic blackboard - and @janecanephotography's Sticky9 collection looks right at home on this one :)

To share your Sticky9 photos, simply tag #Sticky9 on Instagram. You might find yourself featured on the blog or on our newsletter!

It’s #TooCute Tuesday. Aaaaaw…

You know the rules. On Tuesday we share a thing that makes you go, ‘Aaaaw’   :)  Today, that happens to be this love-struck pair of Yellow Billed Parrots. Would you just look at them enjoying a little canoodle up there on their favourite branch…


[Photo by Wayne Sutherland via Photography Blogger]

Turn your fridge into a magnetic art gallery!

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Protect those treasured masterpieces from tea-stains and tattiness and surprise Dad with a gift to remember this Father’s Day. 

Take an Instagram snap of your little ones’ best artworks and transform your fridge into a magnetic gallery! 


Oh!  And purchase any 3 magnet packs and we’ll slice 20% off your order at checkout :)  Don’t miss our last order date for Father’s Day. It’s June 2! 

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