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Sticky9 is now 3! A lot has changed in that time. Just listen to our customers they’ll tell you. Marriages, graduations, traveling, babies, dog, more babies and kids growing up are just the tip of the iceberg and we are honoured to have been invited along for the ride.

A lot has changed for us too. We started out with magnets made from cherished  memories immortalized on Instagram. Then those magnets got bigger, and then the magnetized memories all got together to form the pieces of a puzzle. And now, well now its not just Instagram, now its all photos, however you choose to share and Sticky9 them. But every picture needs a frame right? So to celebrate us turning 3, here’s something new, created for the something olds you love.

Here’s to the next 3 years… 

New for you and your magnets

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Queue a trumpeted fanfare and alert the Sticky9 official announcement maker because we have something new for you to behold! 

Imagine a world where your Sticky9 magnets no longer had to live on the fridge where its cold. What if they were tired of hanging around with only the milk for company? What if they wanted to live in the thick of it, surrounded by people and something good to watch on the television? What if they wanted a new home? Some place special…


The Sticky9 product magicians have been working on this one for a while and we are thrilled to present our new Magnet Wall Frame. Handcrafted and made from Ayous wood, now your classic large magnets can be transformed into wall art. Plus as we like to constantly delight you with a little extra, each frame comes with a set of classic large magnets of your choosing to put in it. And don’t forget you can now use photos from your camera roll and desktop with no Instagram account required.

The frame itself comes with everything you need to get it on the wall using good old fashioned hanging brackets. But, inside the magic happens with a lightweight magnetic sheet for you to mount your magnets on to. 

We can’t wait to see your frames around your homes so be sure to share your Sticky9 magnetic wall art with us using the hashtag #sticky9 over on Instagram. What are you waiting for?

#Sticky9Stadium Final Winners

This was an amazing month of soccer. So many emotions, a few laughed, a few cried and we can’t deny how much we are going to miss this soccer fever.

We want to thank everyone who participated in our #Sticky9Stadium competition. And if you weren’t one of our lucky winners, there will always be another chance! As you might know, we are also celebrating our Sticky9 Birthday this week and have an ongoing competition. To find out more click here.
Now it’s time to announce our final #Sticky9Stadium winners! Please congratulate @tommyesco and @aacurtis! And Germany too for their fantastic tournament!



Pom Pom Power

Our birthday celebrations just haven’t stopped! We’ve been embracing pom pom power and are now surrounded with awesome fluffy balls of tissue paper that make great party backdrops - or just fun home decorations! We got snap happy with the final results and the best bit is that the bright colours make for amazing photos. We turned ours into a Magnet Wall Frame that is brightening up the office. Try it out yourself - it’s easy! 

  1. All you need is tissue paper (the more the better!), a ruler, string and scissors.

  2. Layer up your paper, cut it into the size and fold the layers concertina style (like you would a fan). Top Tip: We found that squares and thin folds (about 1inch wide) work best.

  3. Tie your folded paper together with some string (leaving plenty spare for hanging) and round off the edges.

  4. Here comes the fun part – carefully separate and fluff out each sheet of paper. Ta-dah! You’re now all set.


Don’t forget, we would love to see your creations so take a picture of your handiwork and use the #Sticky9 hashtag. 

No longer an Instagram only zone

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As y’all know, Sticky9 was born in London in 2011 out of a love of Instagram and a desire to make cool, real-life stuff from digital pictures.

Until now, life was all about Instagram magnets. Those little photo magnets and their iconic 9-grid are loved the world over, we only have to look at the #Sticky9 hashtag to know that.

You guys constantly tell us what you want to see from us and we’ve been listening. So just as we’re about to turn 3 years old, we are excited to share with you that Sticky9 is no longer an Instagram only zone.

We know you’ve wanted to transform all your photo memories from wherever you’ve chosen to share them. So now not only can you still create your much cherished Instagram magnets, but now you can use your desktop, your camera roll and no Instagram account required.

So why not give it a whirl? More photos means more magnets and you know we’ll want to see them wherever you choose to stick them.

Sticky9 is nearly 3!

Happy Birthday to us! 
Do you want to come to our party? There’s a competition where absolutely no tails will get pinned on any donkey!

To celebrate Sticky9 turning 3 we want you to get three-ative for us.
Capture all your good things that come in 3s, it could be your 3 favourite things, cool photography of the number 3 or even three blind mice. We don’t mind because 3 is after all the magic number.
Upload your entries to Instagram and use the hashtag #sticky9birthday.

We’re picking 3 winners everyday for 9 days July 11 - 20. And don’t worry if you miss out because you can enter as many times as you like! And then the big news, ahem, drum roll please, there will be one super winner selected from all the daily winners on July 21.

Each of the three daily winners will receive one large set of our magnets.
The grand prize winner will snap up a brand new Qcamera in a cool Peppermint palette. The camera is not yet available to order so you’ll be one of the first to get your mits on it, allowing you to share your snaps straight from your camera to your social networks.
imageWe’re also throwing in a copy of This is Happening: Life Through the Lens of Instagram and something a little bit sticky special from us which we can’t possibly tell you about yet. We like to tease…
So what are you waiting for? Get involved and get three-ative!

#Sticky9 Stadium Winners

Wow… What to say about the latest soccer games? So many emotions as well as great matches decided in the very last minutes.

As you may know, our HQ will be Sticky9 Stadium until July 13th and we created a special competition on Instagram to celebrate our soccer fever. We are now ready to announce our first three winners!!

Please congratulate @alifelover and @rantwan! Fantastic pictures!

Keep sending us your soccer snaps by using #Sticky9Stadium on Instagram to have the chance of winning a free set of magnets and we will announce the next winners soon.



Something marble-ous

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We’ve been putting our awesome creativity to use getting down and crafty these last few days. We’ve had a most marble-ous time in the process and are inviting you to do the same.

We’ve created our very own Sticky9 marble print and magicked it into unique magnets and cases, naturally. We also happen to think it makes rather splendid gift wrap for special Sticky9 treats for special peeps. Here’s how we did it… 

1. Gather your equipment - you’ll need oil paint, turpentine, water, a tray, some paper and paintbrushes.

2. Mix your paints with turpentine and flick into a tray of water. It’s messy but it’s fun.

3. Place a piece of paper on the water and remove after a couple of seconds. Ta-dah, it’s done!

4. Snap your handiwork and add it to Instagram before turning it into your unique and ultra creative magnets and cases. Pssst there’s 15% off everything until June 30.


Get involved! Let us marble, ahem, marvel at your efforts on the #Sticky9 hashtag.


We invited guest blogger and instagramer @MissUnderground to share her trip to #EverChangingBerlin’s instameet and boy did she have a ball! Here she shares her experience and of course her photography.


"I was SO excited to go to Berlin last weekend for @EverChangingBerlin’s Instameet. The best European Instagramers were all there and there was over 200 Instagramers!

We started the weekend on Friday evening and we all met at Teppichfabrick just near Treptower Park and the river Spree. We had drinks and food and an introduction to the weekend from the Ever Changing Berlin group @Logopaede, @Thomas_K, and @Uwa2000, @Jn, @Berlinstagram and @brainyartist.
On Saturday morning we were up early and all went on our chosen Photowalks. There were 10 Photowalks you could choose from: Street photography, Architecture, Urban Landscape, Urban Exploration, Portrait, Minimal, Food, Public Transport, Fashion and Reclaim the City!

I went on the Public Transport Photowalk and we were shown some great stations on the Underground and S Trains. There is so much colour in all of Berlin’s Transport systems. Yellow trains and Trams and the stations themselves are all so bright! 
After Lunch I went on the Reclaim the City Photowalk. We started at Treptower and explored all the old factory buildings in the area which are now full of creative studios, bars, music venues and flea markets. The buildings are covered in graffiti and have lots of personality and hidden corners! I took lots of pictures and we walked for miles during the day. 

Later that evening I met some great Instagramers and finally met @Boosch who comes from Hamburg. I had been following him for 2 years on Instagram!
On Sunday we all met for the last time for a Picnic in Tempelhofer Feld and airfield in Southern Germany that ceased operating in 2008. The space has been left like it was and we walked around the amazing airfield taking images of the huge fields and runways! it is an incredible space for runners, cyclists and anything with wheels! Everyone sat around having their picnics and it was very relaxed. 

I left the group as I only had 3 hours left to walk the Berlin Underground and get lots of shots for my @MissUnderground feed! I took hundreds of pictures, check them out!”

Print your own travel grams with 15% off everything on site until June 30.

Inspired to see Berlin? Have a look at @EverChangingBerlin for all the photos from the weekend.

Check Sticky9 out on Instagram.

#Sticky9Stadium Competition

We are totally addicted to the samba rhythm football being played in Brazil and have decided to rename our HQ the Sticky9 Stadium! Football fever is here to stay for a few more weeks and we want this fever to be contagious. So here comes our super Sticky9 soccer skills competition. 
Simply take a football related picture and tag us using #Sticky9Stadium on Instagram. We’ll be picking a winner every Friday from June 27 - July 12 who will each win a set of Sticky9 larger magnets.


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