Finding Vivian Maier…

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In 2007, when John Maloof purchased a stack of undeveloped film negatives from auction for $380, he probably didn’t expect to wind up in possession of some of the most celebrated street photography the art world has ever seen.

Having set about developing the films, John came to realise these pictures were no ordinary snaps and that they’d been taken by no ordinary ‘amateur’ photographer.

John was eventually able to identify the photographer and rightly attach Vivian Maier’s name to the photographs of 1950s/1960s Chicago + New York . He has been championing her work ever since. 

Employed as a nanny for 40 years, Vivian chose to keep her talent and her ‘pastime’ secret yet her photographs are celebrated (sadly, posthumously) and her work exhibited in London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Oslo and Hamburg… 

John has since made a documentary about ‘Finding Vivian Maier’. See the trailer below. The film opens tomorrow. Such an intriguing - and enchanting story! 

Source: Messy Nessy Chic, Vivian Maier /The John Maloof Collection, Variety

Pop! ‘Bubblegum’ by Emily Stein

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When was the last time you popped a bubblegum bubble? 

In the summer of 2013, photographer Emily Stein took portraits of children and teenagers in New York State blowing bubbles.  Her series ‘Bubblegum’ is beautiful. A celebration of youth (with a nod to its knack of whizzing by much too quickly), Emily’s portraits capture precious little moments of spontaneity and individuality.

Why not add a smidgeon of fun and silliness to your Wednesday?  Go buy a pack of gum.

Source:  It’s Nice That, Emily Stein


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Yes.  A GIANT VINTAGE CAMERA CAFE. You read that correctly. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably experiencing palpitations right now. 

When blogger Messy Nessy Chic happened upon a photo of this spectacular South Korean coffee shop on Tumblr, she was desperate to find out more about it.  It’s thanks to her online sleuthing, we know about it now too! :) 





You can find The Dreaming Camera website here. This family’s dream of building and owning their own camera cafe came true. Now let’s hope our dream of going there for tea comes true too! 

Source:  Messy Nessy Chic, Design TaxiTumblr (changjeans), The Dreaming Camera

#Sticky9FOREVER: The Winners!

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Thank you all so, so much for taking part in our #Sticky9FOREVER photo contest on Instagram. With over 7000 photos entered, you really livened up the past 9 days and I hope you had a tonne of fun sharing the wonders of your world! 

Here’s a little round-up of all 9 prize bundle winners…

Congratulations to (in no particular order, from top left) @abbyd, @babydollvm, @kategabrielle, @blustarzshivr, @chynnat0wn, @indyanna77, @kyaputen, @lexiiloo, @misslaula. 

Baby, it’ ain’t over ‘til it’s over…

Your entries were SO great that as a little last-minute surprise, we’d like to announce 9 runners up! Runners up will each receive a Sticky9 magnet pack :) 

By @michellekmon.

By @atheen.

By @dynamok8.

By @mckennamccaw.

By @miahall. 

By @jetsetwilly.

By @freethster.

By @sarahblack12290.

By @_odelay_.

Congratulations to you ALL. Since you seemed to enjoy this contest, let’s agree to have some more photo fun soon!  If you have an idea or a theme for a photo competition, tell us! Get in touch at and we’ll see what we can do :) 

Pantone People! ‘Humanae’ by Angelica Dass

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Brazilian artist Angelica Dass is taking inventory - a ‘chromatic inventory’ of all possible human skin tones. In her ongoing Pantone project, 'Humanae', Angelica aims to catalogue every possible human skin tone and subvert notions we have about ‘black’ and ‘white’, proving humankind is a continuum of colour (and that we look rather lovely!) 

To see more from Angelica, visit her website or follow her on Instagram @angelicadass.  Her feed is marvellous. 

Source:  We The Urban + Angelica Dass 

Sticky9 Instagrammer of the Week: @miss_etc

Earlier in the week, we shared this marvellous springtime photo to our Instagram profile

You might have spotted it? We couldn’t trace the image source on Pinterest back far enough to be sure we’d found the original creator/photographer - but never fear… The original creator found us! @miss_etc introduced herself via Instagram and we’ve been enjoying her feed in its entirety ever since! @miss_etc? You are this week’s Instagrammer of the Week! 

If you would like to share your favourite Instagrammers with us or nominate a contender for Sticky9 Instagrammer of the Week, please do! Just drop a line to or talk to us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter + Pinterest!  :) 

Sticky9 Spotting!

Now our transformation from StickyGram to Sticky9 is complete, shall we pack a picnic and head off on a wee Sticky9 Spotting trip? Yes. Let’s! 

Thanks to @daniellevaluri for sharing this with us! Danielle’s family celebrated the arrival of Sticky9 in the best way possible :) Did you create a figure 9 display with your magnets? Don’t forget to show us! Tag #Sticky9 #Sticky9Spotting on Instagram so we can find you.

@valkyler has created a custom iPad cover featuring beautifully curated photographs of her darling dog. What a fuzzy sweetheart :) 

This mouth-watering still life snap by @jchongstudio shows off her new Sticky9 magnet collection! Love it. 

@mandi_louz_world’s #Sticky9Spotting photo is a real mind bender! Photo within a photo within a photo, within a photo… :)  A Sticky9 HQ favourite.

Wheep! @miyabi_na’s family Sticky9 magnet collection is super sweet. We very nearly popped with glee! 

@natsshelton has experimented with our new Jigsaw magnet template to marvellous effect.  Isn’t this gorgeous?  Have you made your own Jigsaw magnet yet? Show us! #Sticky9 #Sticky9Spotting on Instagram and maybe we’ll feature you in a future trip!

#Sticky9FOREVER Winner 9

It’s time to announce our 9th - and our final - #Sticky9FOREVER competition winner.  We are thrilled to announce @kategabrielle as our winner…

Keep your eyes on the blog for our Sticky9 round-up and wee surprise for 9 lucky runners up!  


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