7 tips to take awesome pictures with your phone

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We saw this post on Redit and on and we couldn’t stop sharing. These are amazing tips to take beautiful snaps. And maybe who knows… In the future create Sticky9 Magnets with them…

1. The “Panodash”
While taking panoramic pictures with a friend, have them run and pose into each frame for a surreal shot.

2. Pano drive-by
Use the panoramic setting on your camera in a car for amazing ‘stretch’ shots of the street (but not while driving, please).

3. Zoom lens
You can use binoculars as a zoom lens for your phone.

4. Macro lens
A single drop of water creates a natural microscope for small objects.

5. Reflector
A dashboard protector makes a great improvised lighting tool.

6. Tripod and shutter cable for “Armless” selfies
This simple homemade cardboard “tripod” combined with a shutter cable will allow you to take much less awkward selfies.

7. Underwater housing
Want to film something in the water without fear of getting your phone soaked? Use a glass to protect it!

It’s September!

September always brings a bittersweet taste doesn’t it? It’s the acknowledgement that Summer is basically over and we go back to our daily routine. That’s why we decided that September should be our month of Nostalgia.

We are going to make a few trips down memory lane and cool things are happening this month. We are going to travel the world (cyber-travel), announce a new product and have another cool competition. Sounds exciting right? Just need to stay tuned!

Uuuhh… What’s coming…?

We started the month with a 3 for 2 promotion. Also, the #Sticky9Surprise competition was a great success with hundreds of entries. But we still have something to announce…But not right now. Just stay tuned because things are going to stick around here…


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Every year, the last Wednesday in August represents a very special day for the village of Buñol, 40 km away from Valencia, Spain. The biggest food fight takes place.

La Tomatina put this little village on the map. No one really knows when or how it started. There are a few different theories though. The one that gets more consensus is that it started in 1944 or 1945. The how is an issue. Some people say it was a local food war, others say a practical joke on a bad musician and a few claim that a lorry spilled the tomatoes leading a messy aftermath. The most popular theory is that a a group of villagers attacked the councilmen during a town celebration. Apparently the residents of Buñol enjoyed it so much that it became a trend and the most precious tradition of the village.


In 2012 50 thousand people attended, while the population of Buñol is just over 9 thousand! Yikes. To limit these numbers the city council decided to limit these numbers to 20 thousand by creating a ticket system. If you don’t have a ticket you can’t participate.

There are a few rules just to keep things “not-so-anarchic”. La Tomatina should only start when a brave soul reaches a ham tied on the top of a pole, two stories high. After that, and for one hour almost everything goes. Apparently you can’t throw glass bottles. Just as well. After one hour, water cannons will be fired to signal the end of the battle. And then we presume everyone just goes home for a nice bath and a jug of sangria… 

#Sticky9Surprise Winner

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It’s time to announce the winner of our #Sticky9Surprise competition! 

Drum roll please….

Please congratulate @gailmcg for this snap! 

We had hundreds of entries and to pick only one winner was tough. Capturing the essence of surprise in a picture might be one of the hardest things to do however @gailmcg managed to do so with an alpaca. We couldn’t stop laughing when we saw this picture. Who knew that alpacas could be surprised in this way.

Congratulations @gailmcg! You will get your hands on a Magnet Wall Frame!


You loved our first surprise: a week long 3 for 2 on EVERYTHING.

Our second surprise is still ongoing but it’s almost over! Until August 25 you can send us your best (TA-DAAAA moment) picture. The only thing you have to do is to use #Sticky9Surprise on Instagram. We have one Magnet Wall Frame to giveaway to our favourite surprising snap.image

So what are you waiting for? Surprise us!

And there’s still more to come… another mystery to be unveiled. Watch this space!

Get Pinspired…

Hands up! Who here is a Pinner? Do you have that curious addiction that when you see something you gotta have, craft or eat online, the only thing you can do is pin? Then our Pinterest is the perfect place for you to get pinspired.


On our Pinterest boards, you’ll find the latest Sticky9 news, and shizzle we just like a lot. We think it will definitely inspire you - art, from classic to modern, DIY’s, ideas for your holidays and even for your very special wedding day.

No pin, no win! :)

World Photography Day

Today we celebrate a very special day for most of us. World Photography Day. Where would we be without photography?

This form of art has evolved since the 1820’s, when the first picture was taken by French inventor Nicéphore Niépce with the title View from the Window at Les Gras. 

At that time cameras required at least 8 hours of exposition. Even with some improvements the time of exposition was very long. That’s why people look grumpy in old pictures. Can you imagine holding a smile for 30 minutes? 

Now in a split of a second we can take a selfie and share it with the world. We have definitely come a long way. 


To celebrate this very special day for us, we would like to share the work of one of the best photographers in the world, Richard Bernabe.

Richard is an American who quitted his corporate job to dedicate his life to his true passion: the love for wilderness and its inhabitants. 

Eleven years later, Richard is now one of the most renowned photographers in the world, having the traveled the globe to take pictures of our Beautiful Earth. Take a look at his website to see what we are talking about.

Surprise Surprise

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As we said before, August is our month of “surprise”. Our first one was pretty sweet, with a “3 for 2 on everything” week that we know you loved. And now it’s time to reveal our next surprise.

For sure you’ve seen our beautiful hand-made Magnet Wall Frame. The surprise is… you can get your hands on one of them! Our second surprise is a competition with the theme of… yeah you guessed it… SURPRISE! 


We want to be surprised, shocked, scared. Whatever you got, Sticky9 can handle it. So share your surprise snaps on Instagram by using #Sticky9Surprise. The competition opens today Sunday August 17 and runs until midnight Sunday August 24. Our Winner will be surprised (announced) on August 26.

So what are you waiting for… Surprise us!

#Sticky9 Spotted

We just can’t help ourselves!  We love a good internet stalk to see what you’ve been Sticky9ing and the forms and shapes your collections take. Here’s a few #Sticky9 snaps that caught our attention.

image@mrsabberley is one of those lucky enough to have two fridges to put her Stickies on. More space, more magnets

image@_charlychoo revives her beautiful wedding day through our Magnet Wall Frame.

imageThe illustrations of @pknsapphires inspire us…


@dacfa combines nature with technology on his case


@inspirebyanna really HEARTS her magnets 

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