We invited guest blogger and instagramer @MissUnderground to share her trip to #EverChangingBerlin’s instameet and boy did she have a ball! Here she shares her experience and of course her photography.


"I was SO excited to go to Berlin last weekend for @EverChangingBerlin’s Instameet. The best European Instagramers were all there and there was over 200 Instagramers!

We started the weekend on Friday evening and we all met at Teppichfabrick just near Treptower Park and the river Spree. We had drinks and food and an introduction to the weekend from the Ever Changing Berlin group @Logopaede, @Thomas_K, and @Uwa2000, @Jn, @Berlinstagram and @brainyartist.
On Saturday morning we were up early and all went on our chosen Photowalks. There were 10 Photowalks you could choose from: Street photography, Architecture, Urban Landscape, Urban Exploration, Portrait, Minimal, Food, Public Transport, Fashion and Reclaim the City!

I went on the Public Transport Photowalk and we were shown some great stations on the Underground and S Trains. There is so much colour in all of Berlin’s Transport systems. Yellow trains and Trams and the stations themselves are all so bright! 
After Lunch I went on the Reclaim the City Photowalk. We started at Treptower and explored all the old factory buildings in the area which are now full of creative studios, bars, music venues and flea markets. The buildings are covered in graffiti and have lots of personality and hidden corners! I took lots of pictures and we walked for miles during the day. 

Later that evening I met some great Instagramers and finally met @Boosch who comes from Hamburg. I had been following him for 2 years on Instagram!
On Sunday we all met for the last time for a Picnic in Tempelhofer Feld and airfield in Southern Germany that ceased operating in 2008. The space has been left like it was and we walked around the amazing airfield taking images of the huge fields and runways! it is an incredible space for runners, cyclists and anything with wheels! Everyone sat around having their picnics and it was very relaxed. 

I left the group as I only had 3 hours left to walk the Berlin Underground and get lots of shots for my @MissUnderground feed! I took hundreds of pictures, check them out!”

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Inspired to see Berlin? Have a look at @EverChangingBerlin for all the photos from the weekend.

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#Sticky9Stadium Competition

We are totally addicted to the samba rhythm football being played in Brazil and have decided to rename our HQ the Sticky9 Stadium! Football fever is here to stay for a few more weeks and we want this fever to be contagious. So here comes our super Sticky9 soccer skills competition. 
Simply take a football related picture and tag us using #Sticky9Stadium on Instagram. We’ll be picking a winner every Friday from June 27 - July 12 who will each win a set of Sticky9 larger magnets.



Happy Father’s Day to all the Sticky9 dads of the world. Despite your dad dancing and your bad jokes, we love ya.

Enjoy your day!

Petheadz by @zachdriftwood

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Instagram addicts probably know Canadian photographer Zach Rose better as @zachdriftwood. Lately we’ve been enjoying Zach’s Instagram feed so much, we thought it might be nice to revisit the photo project that first introduced him to us. Petheadz! 





Why not create your own Petheadz using Sticky9 magnets? We’d love to see them. After all cute cats and collective “awwwww”s were what the internet was made for.

To see what Zach’s been up to since Petheadz, follow him on Instagram here (@zachdriftwood). Oh! And if you don’t already, come find us too at @sticky9.

Source:  The Laughing Squid, @zachdriftwood

Sticky9 Stadium

To celebrate the Summer of Soccer, ahem, Football, taking place over the next few weeks, we are renaming Sticky9 HQ as the Sticky9 Stadium. Football fever has well and truly gripped us and we can’t wait to decorate the office fridge in flag and football gram magnets. Here’s a few we captured earlier to inspire your own Sticky9 soccer collection.




Taking a trip down (musical) memory lane!

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Now, isn’t this clever? These classic album covers have taken a trip down Memory Lane and returned to their geographical origins with the help of Google Street View! 


The record: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan)

The address: Jones Street, the West Village, New York


The record: Willy and the Poor Boys (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

The address: Fish Kee Market, Hollis Street, Oakland, California


The record: Physical Graffiti (Led Zeppelin)

The address: St Mark’s Place, the East Village, New York


The record: Abbey Road (The Beatles)

The address: Erm… Abbey Road! Abbey Road, London

To see the full photo series (courtesy of The Guardian newspaper), click here

Source:  The Guardian

Sticky9 Instagrammer of the Week: @typetours

@TypeTours is an Instagram account run by stylist and designer Clare Nicolson that documents great typography in spaces and places all over the world. 

We’ve selected some of our favourite sunshiney font photos from the @typetours collection for you…

To see more, visit @typetours :) 

We’re in the holiday mood now! Where are my flip-flops? 

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