Sticky9 Fun Facts

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To celebrate our recent third birthday we thought it would be fun to crunch some numbers and take a look at how Sticky9 has grown in three years.

We can’t believe how far our magnets have travelled. Sticky9 magnets are alive and well in 227 different countries and territories. Our brothers and sisters in the U S of A are our biggest fans with California being the state where Sticky9 magnets like to go the most. Maybe because of the sun.

And you thought that cats ruled the internet? Well… it would seem that our canine friends have got 3 times the woof power … Although we love both of them.

Since 2011 we’ve printed over 5 million magnets, enough to cover the Statue of Liberty 75 times. But don’t worry. If you go to New York you won’t see Lady Liberty covered in magnets. But that’s just because she’s not magnetic….

#Sticky9 Spotted

Every day you make us smile when you share your #sticky9 creations from all over the world with us. Here’s a few Sticky9 snaps that have caught our eye most recently.

image@bellmar_ we love giant squids and sea horses as well! 

image@carodawn81 just loves her family. And we are happy to be a part of it!

image@cathybadinas uses Sticky9 to make her awesome adventures more memorable.

imageLove how these magnets are displayed by @kiralee_77

imageSo much colour from @louise_jess!


A jigsaw-centric display from @memphisblueeyedgirl. Love it!

imageYes, we do cases! This fantastic one is from @shuwenwong.


It looks like a skyscraper! Next step: Empire State Building! @eelcovandekamp

Create your own inspiring Sticky9 collections and use the hashtag #sticky9 to share them with us on Instagram.

What a Girl Wants

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We’ve teamed up with author of the I Heart… series Lindsey Kelk to bring you an extract from her new book What a Girl Wants. 


To celebrate Lindsey’s new novel, Sticky9 have got our sticky mits on five signed sets of What a Girl Wants and the first in Tess’ adventures in life and love, About a GirlLondon or Milan? Advertising or Photography? Charlie or Nick?, to giveaway. To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is leave us a comment telling us whether you’re Team London or Team Milan by midnight Sunday August 3.


London or Milan? Advertising or Photography? Charlie or Nick?

For the first time, Tess has to choose between the life she always dreamed of and a future she never imagined possible. With her heart and her head pulling her in different directions, Tess has to make a life-changing decision about What a Girl Wants.  

“ ‘Please tell me we’re done?’ Amy begged, two hours later, poking her head out from underneath one of the unfinished dresses. She had been flat on her back underneath her haute couture tent for the last twenty minutes and I was well aware that she was losing patience. Amy wasn‘t someone who suffered in silence. Ever. ‘You must have taken a photo of every stitch in every dress.’

‘I’m trying to be thorough,’ I said as I adjusted the flash. I was trying to be thorough but really, I was just enjoying myself so much I’d been messing around for at least the last forty minutes. There didn’t seem an awful lot of point in sharing that information with Amy.

‘Look at you.’ Amy gave me a tired smile. ‘You’re so excited. You really do love this, don’t you?’

I smiled right back and carried on clicking.

‘I can’t imagine not having a camera in my hands now,’ I said. ‘It’s so weird. I never thought I’d be able to fall in love with something so quickly.’

‘Are you talking about photography or Nick?’
‘How many times do I have to tell you to shut up?’ ‘I can’t wait to see the pictures,’ she said with a yawn.

‘Which is a thinly veiled hint that I really think we could have been finished by now.’

‘This is my job, you know,’ I replied, clicking through my last shot. ‘And it is supposed to be yours as well, at least for this week.’

‘Don’t remind me.’ She shuffled out from underneath the dummy and began trying to roll up the reflector. I wondered how many times she would attempt it before giving up. ‘Although it’ll be fun to have someone to go to the Jobcentre with for a change.’

‘Nice.’ I turned off my camera and stashed it safely in its bag, feeling a pang of Charlie-related guilt. Would I have to give him the camera back? Would it really count as a break-up if we were never really going out?

To enter the giveaway simply leave us a comment telling us whether you’re Team London or Team Milan

What a Girl Wants is available to buy from July 17.


Give away winners! Please send an email to :)

  1. spaltklang
  2. lauraluckydog
  3. 0nly—baby-scars
  4. sarahfishburn
  5. raggyrat

#Sticky9Birthday Mega-Winner

The week of our third birthday couldn’t have been more intense. Between all the love we were receiving and having to choose three daily winners from hundreds of amazing entries, we didn’t stop for one minute.

On Tuesday we revealed our daily winners to the world. And yesterday we picked our mega-winner on Instagram. Please congratulate (drum roll…) @rachelprianka for her colourful snap of an origami animal safari made by her!


We want to thank everyone who participated and for all the kind birthday messages we received. We are truly grateful to have Sticky9 fans like you!

#Sticky9Birthday Winners

We can’t express how overwhelmed we felt with all the birthday love we received over the past week. Almost 900 pictures were tagged with #Sticky9Birthday and to choose 3 daily winners wasn’t an easy task. The quality of the snaps was just amazing and we had a few “headaches” to choose our lucky winners. 

Please congratulate our daily winners! As you know we still have one MEGA-WINNER that will win an awesome set of cool stuff. The winner will be announced on Wednesday and it will be picked from our daily winners.

Good luck to everyone!


























@821photography image










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Sticky9 is now 3! A lot has changed in that time. Just listen to our customers they’ll tell you. Marriages, graduations, traveling, babies, dog, more babies and kids growing up are just the tip of the iceberg and we are honoured to have been invited along for the ride.

A lot has changed for us too. We started out with magnets made from cherished  memories immortalized on Instagram. Then those magnets got bigger, and then the magnetized memories all got together to form the pieces of a puzzle. And now, well now its not just Instagram, now its all photos, however you choose to share and Sticky9 them. But every picture needs a frame right? So to celebrate us turning 3, here’s something new, created for the something olds you love.

Here’s to the next 3 years… 

New for you and your magnets

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Queue a trumpeted fanfare and alert the Sticky9 official announcement maker because we have something new for you to behold! 

Imagine a world where your Sticky9 magnets no longer had to live on the fridge where its cold. What if they were tired of hanging around with only the milk for company? What if they wanted to live in the thick of it, surrounded by people and something good to watch on the television? What if they wanted a new home? Some place special…


The Sticky9 product magicians have been working on this one for a while and we are thrilled to present our new Magnet Wall Frame. Handcrafted and made from Ayous wood, now your classic large magnets can be transformed into wall art. Plus as we like to constantly delight you with a little extra, each frame comes with a set of classic large magnets of your choosing to put in it. And don’t forget you can now use photos from your camera roll and desktop with no Instagram account required.

The frame itself comes with everything you need to get it on the wall using good old fashioned hanging brackets. But, inside the magic happens with a lightweight magnetic sheet for you to mount your magnets on to. 

We can’t wait to see your frames around your homes so be sure to share your Sticky9 magnetic wall art with us using the hashtag #sticky9 over on Instagram. What are you waiting for?

#Sticky9Stadium Final Winners

This was an amazing month of soccer. So many emotions, a few laughed, a few cried and we can’t deny how much we are going to miss this soccer fever.

We want to thank everyone who participated in our #Sticky9Stadium competition. And if you weren’t one of our lucky winners, there will always be another chance! As you might know, we are also celebrating our Sticky9 Birthday this week and have an ongoing competition. To find out more click here.
Now it’s time to announce our final #Sticky9Stadium winners! Please congratulate @tommyesco and @aacurtis! And Germany too for their fantastic tournament!



Pom Pom Power

Our birthday celebrations just haven’t stopped! We’ve been embracing pom pom power and are now surrounded with awesome fluffy balls of tissue paper that make great party backdrops - or just fun home decorations! We got snap happy with the final results and the best bit is that the bright colours make for amazing photos. We turned ours into a Magnet Wall Frame that is brightening up the office. Try it out yourself - it’s easy! 

  1. All you need is tissue paper (the more the better!), a ruler, string and scissors.

  2. Layer up your paper, cut it into the size and fold the layers concertina style (like you would a fan). Top Tip: We found that squares and thin folds (about 1inch wide) work best.

  3. Tie your folded paper together with some string (leaving plenty spare for hanging) and round off the edges.

  4. Here comes the fun part – carefully separate and fluff out each sheet of paper. Ta-dah! You’re now all set.


Don’t forget, we would love to see your creations so take a picture of your handiwork and use the #Sticky9 hashtag. 

No longer an Instagram only zone

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As y’all know, Sticky9 was born in London in 2011 out of a love of Instagram and a desire to make cool, real-life stuff from digital pictures.

Until now, life was all about Instagram magnets. Those little photo magnets and their iconic 9-grid are loved the world over, we only have to look at the #Sticky9 hashtag to know that.

You guys constantly tell us what you want to see from us and we’ve been listening. So just as we’re about to turn 3 years old, we are excited to share with you that Sticky9 is no longer an Instagram only zone.

We know you’ve wanted to transform all your photo memories from wherever you’ve chosen to share them. So now not only can you still create your much cherished Instagram magnets, but now you can use your desktop, your camera roll and no Instagram account required.

So why not give it a whirl? More photos means more magnets and you know we’ll want to see them wherever you choose to stick them.

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