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World Photography Day

Today we celebrate a very special day for most of us. World Photography Day. Where would we be without photography?

This form of art has evolved since the 1820’s, when the first picture was taken by French inventor Nicéphore Niépce with the title View from the Window at Les Gras. 

At that time cameras required at least 8 hours of exposition. Even with some improvements the time of exposition was very long. That’s why people look grumpy in old pictures. Can you imagine holding a smile for 30 minutes? 

Now in a split of a second we can take a selfie and share it with the world. We have definitely come a long way. 


To celebrate this very special day for us, we would like to share the work of one of the best photographers in the world, Richard Bernabe.

Richard is an American who quitted his corporate job to dedicate his life to his true passion: the love for wilderness and its inhabitants. 

Eleven years later, Richard is now one of the most renowned photographers in the world, having the traveled the globe to take pictures of our Beautiful Earth. Take a look at his website to see what we are talking about.

Surprise Surprise

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As we said before, August is our month of “surprise”. Our first one was pretty sweet, with a “3 for 2 on everything” week that we know you loved. And now it’s time to reveal our next surprise.

For sure you’ve seen our beautiful hand-made Magnet Wall Frame. The surprise is… you can get your hands on one of them! Our second surprise is a competition with the theme of… yeah you guessed it… SURPRISE! 


We want to be surprised, shocked, scared. Whatever you got, Sticky9 can handle it. So share your surprise snaps on Instagram by using #Sticky9Surprise. The competition opens today Sunday August 17 and runs until midnight Sunday August 24. Our Winner will be surprised (announced) on August 26.

So what are you waiting for… Surprise us!

#Sticky9 Spotted

We just can’t help ourselves!  We love a good internet stalk to see what you’ve been Sticky9ing and the forms and shapes your collections take. Here’s a few #Sticky9 snaps that caught our attention.

image@mrsabberley is one of those lucky enough to have two fridges to put her Stickies on. More space, more magnets

image@_charlychoo revives her beautiful wedding day through our Magnet Wall Frame.

imageThe illustrations of @pknsapphires inspire us…


@dacfa combines nature with technology on his case


@inspirebyanna really HEARTS her magnets 

Q & A with Lindsey Kelk

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Lindsey Kelk is one of our favourite writers. Her “I heart…” series quickly became a “must-have on the shelf” for those of us who love a romance with a dusting of jet-setting. Her new series looks set to captivate us just as much. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask her a few questions.


Without ruining any surprises, can you tell us a bit about your new book What a Girl Wants?

It’s a fun, funny book all about making big decisions, friendship, love, the difference between the two and working out where your loyalty lies. That sounds a bit dramatic, it is funny, honest.

This is the second book in the series. Did you always intend this or was continuing with adventures just something that happened?

Yep, these books were always intended to be a series – in theory, a trilogy. I find it really hard to let characters go away and get on with things, I like poking around and messing with their lives a bit too much.

All your characters follow their hearts and ambitions. They take risks. How did you decide to take that risk yourself when you decided to start writing?

When I started, it was just a fun hobby to keep me sane outside work. I’d always loved reading and writing so tapping away on the laptop seemed like a fun idea. Once my books started getting published and I realized I was going to have to leave my job if I wanted to pursue it properly, that was when it got scary but I tried to take a ‘why not?’ approach to it. I’m not always very good at it but I try to live by a ‘better to regret what you did than what you didn’t approach to life.

Tess is a photographer. Are you a keen photographer yourself? We know you’re an instagram user?

I love to take photos but I’m no photographer and never will be. I know that because one of my best friends is and she’s amazing. It’s funny because everyone thinks ‘ooh, I could do that’ but when you actually observe all the technical stuff and the hard work and learning that goes into it, you develop a massive respect for photographers and what they do. I think they’re artists and I only wish I could be half as good.

What do you love about Instagram?

I love following other people’s stories and seeing what everyone’s up to, what they’re reading, what they’re eating, where they’re going. I love that it’s such a positive format, very few people use Instagram to whine or moan and we can all be a bit guilty of that on other social media platforms – at least I can!

Do you have any favourite Instagram users to follow, any favourite photographers?

Definitely my friend @rachaeltension because she takes beautiful pictures and often shares them on the ‘Gram. I also really like @bridgetfleming and @chrisfloyd, they’re both awesome photographers that share a nice mix of real life, fashion and celebrity. Always something nice to see.

 Can you tell us a bit about the pictures in your Sticky9 magnets you had printed?

 I’m really bad at keeping a diary and blogging regularly so I love to use Instagram to remind myself (and let all my readers know) where I’ve been, what’s been going on and to record all the special moments from the books. You can see me copyediting and opening my box of books when they first arrived, as well as some other random bits of pieces along the way.

Some of these pics were taken on my travels, you can see a shot from a recent trip to Hawaii which was my first holiday in ever and totally amazing, a visit to a baseball game in LA, some life-sized dinosaurs at a rest stop between LA and Palm Springs as well as a shot form this year’s Wrestlemania. Yes, I’m a massive wrestling fan…

I’m also a big fan of pets, both mine and other people’s so my cat snuck in here as did my friend’s Chihuahua. She weighs four pounds and I love her completely.

You live in New York (We heart New York too) and the characters in all your books travel the world. What are your favourite locations to capture on camera?

It’s impossible to take a bad picture in New York but I love shooting all the brownstones in Park Slope where I live and the grungier areas on the Lower East Side. There’s so much to see, I’m forever killing my phone’s storage with pics! 

What kind of research did you have to do to understand the world of fashion photography?

God, I’m not sure I’ll ever understand! I asked a lot of questions, read a lot of magazines and made a lot of it up. Fingers crossed I didn’t cock too much up.

Do you have any tips for creating a great fashion or beauty photograph?

My best pics are always well framed, I think that’s the best tip I can give. If you can get the image nice and central or at an interesting angle, even the worst photographer looks a bit better! Other than that, just take pictures that make you smile. If they make you happy, they’ll probably make others happy too.

What is next for you?

Well, What a Girl Wants is out now and at Christmas I’ve got an ebook novella coming out, called Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas. After that, there’s another book next spring so mostly, I’ll be sat tapping away behind my laptop!

Good things come in 3

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We all know that “good things come in 3”. Since it’s August and we are enjoying the sunny skies and warmer climes, we want to give you an extra ray of sunshine. Until August 11 we have a 3 for 2 across our website. Buy 3 pay for 2. Winning!

Magnets? Yes.
Only magnets? No.
What else? Everything! 
EVERYTHING? Yup. Everything. 

So head to Sticky9 and start mixing and matching it up. Our magnet wall frame is the perfect place to start if you want something really special. 


Sticky9 Fun Facts

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To celebrate our recent third birthday we thought it would be fun to crunch some numbers and take a look at how Sticky9 has grown in three years.

We can’t believe how far our magnets have travelled. Sticky9 magnets are alive and well in 227 different countries and territories. Our brothers and sisters in the U S of A are our biggest fans with California being the state where Sticky9 magnets like to go the most. Maybe because of the sun.

And you thought that cats ruled the internet? Well… it would seem that our canine friends have got 3 times the woof power … Although we love both of them.

Since 2011 we’ve printed over 5 million magnets, enough to cover the Statue of Liberty 75 times. But don’t worry. If you go to New York you won’t see Lady Liberty covered in magnets. But that’s just because she’s not magnetic….

#Sticky9 Spotted

Every day you make us smile when you share your #sticky9 creations from all over the world with us. Here’s a few Sticky9 snaps that have caught our eye most recently.

image@bellmar_ we love giant squids and sea horses as well! 

image@carodawn81 just loves her family. And we are happy to be a part of it!

image@cathybadinas uses Sticky9 to make her awesome adventures more memorable.

imageLove how these magnets are displayed by @kiralee_77

imageSo much colour from @louise_jess!


A jigsaw-centric display from @memphisblueeyedgirl. Love it!

imageYes, we do cases! This fantastic one is from @shuwenwong.


It looks like a skyscraper! Next step: Empire State Building! @eelcovandekamp

Create your own inspiring Sticky9 collections and use the hashtag #sticky9 to share them with us on Instagram.

What a Girl Wants

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We’ve teamed up with author of the I Heart… series Lindsey Kelk to bring you an extract from her new book What a Girl Wants. 


To celebrate Lindsey’s new novel, Sticky9 have got our sticky mits on five signed sets of What a Girl Wants and the first in Tess’ adventures in life and love, About a GirlLondon or Milan? Advertising or Photography? Charlie or Nick?, to giveaway. To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is leave us a comment telling us whether you’re Team London or Team Milan by midnight Sunday August 3.


London or Milan? Advertising or Photography? Charlie or Nick?

For the first time, Tess has to choose between the life she always dreamed of and a future she never imagined possible. With her heart and her head pulling her in different directions, Tess has to make a life-changing decision about What a Girl Wants.  

“ ‘Please tell me we’re done?’ Amy begged, two hours later, poking her head out from underneath one of the unfinished dresses. She had been flat on her back underneath her haute couture tent for the last twenty minutes and I was well aware that she was losing patience. Amy wasn‘t someone who suffered in silence. Ever. ‘You must have taken a photo of every stitch in every dress.’

‘I’m trying to be thorough,’ I said as I adjusted the flash. I was trying to be thorough but really, I was just enjoying myself so much I’d been messing around for at least the last forty minutes. There didn’t seem an awful lot of point in sharing that information with Amy.

‘Look at you.’ Amy gave me a tired smile. ‘You’re so excited. You really do love this, don’t you?’

I smiled right back and carried on clicking.

‘I can’t imagine not having a camera in my hands now,’ I said. ‘It’s so weird. I never thought I’d be able to fall in love with something so quickly.’

‘Are you talking about photography or Nick?’
‘How many times do I have to tell you to shut up?’ ‘I can’t wait to see the pictures,’ she said with a yawn.

‘Which is a thinly veiled hint that I really think we could have been finished by now.’

‘This is my job, you know,’ I replied, clicking through my last shot. ‘And it is supposed to be yours as well, at least for this week.’

‘Don’t remind me.’ She shuffled out from underneath the dummy and began trying to roll up the reflector. I wondered how many times she would attempt it before giving up. ‘Although it’ll be fun to have someone to go to the Jobcentre with for a change.’

‘Nice.’ I turned off my camera and stashed it safely in its bag, feeling a pang of Charlie-related guilt. Would I have to give him the camera back? Would it really count as a break-up if we were never really going out?

To enter the giveaway simply leave us a comment telling us whether you’re Team London or Team Milan

What a Girl Wants is available to buy from July 17.


Give away winners! Please send an email to :)

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#Sticky9Birthday Mega-Winner

The week of our third birthday couldn’t have been more intense. Between all the love we were receiving and having to choose three daily winners from hundreds of amazing entries, we didn’t stop for one minute.

On Tuesday we revealed our daily winners to the world. And yesterday we picked our mega-winner on Instagram. Please congratulate (drum roll…) @rachelprianka for her colourful snap of an origami animal safari made by her!


We want to thank everyone who participated and for all the kind birthday messages we received. We are truly grateful to have Sticky9 fans like you!

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