Sticky9 Magnet Dog says ‘Woof!’

Isn’t this GREAT? 

Instagrammer @imjustinobrien created a special doggy fridge display using Sticky9 magnets! 

We LOVE to see the creative ways you display your Sticky9 magnets. Making shapes is definitely one of our favourite pastimes. Hearts, geometric patterns, animals, the alphabet… all sorts! 

If you’ve created a clever pattern with your Sticky9 magnet collection, show us! We’d love to bring all those great ideas together in one place :) Post a pic on Instagram and #Sticky9 so we can find you or email your ideas to

Have fun! 

Butterfly Wings by Linden Gledhills

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Yesterday we got excited about aerial photographs of fields. Today we’re even more excited about butterflies! Isn’t nature flippin’ wonderful?

Linden Gledhill’s macro photographs of butterfly wings are astounding. Close-up colours, textures and patterns set our hearts all a-flutter!

To see more from Linden Gledhill, click here

If you were let loose in the world with a camera + a macro lens, what would you investigate first? We’d like to snap ice cream, sugar, a biscuit, bread and the bubbles in a fizzy drink. (Or maybe we’re just hungry!)

Get in touch with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter + Pinterest or drop us a line at :) 

Source: PetaPixel

The Art of Nature: ‘Flying Over the Tulip Fields’

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Your first instinct might be to touch it. Then eat it. Then roll around in it. The photograph it (of course!). Whatever it is  ;) 

French photographer Norman Szkop is the envy of Sticky9 HQ today. Norman’s 'Flying Over the Tulip Fields' series sees him, well… do just that! These wonderful aerial photographs of the super-colourful geometric patterns of blooming tulip fields below are just stunning aren’t they? 

To see more of Norman’s beautiful aerial floral photos, click here

Shall we take a little trip to The Netherlands now? :)  The fields LOOK beautiful - imagine how they’d smell… 

Source:  Frankie Magazine 

Hey! Fancy Pants!

Ok, ok. You got us!

Yesterday’s big Sticky9 Photowear ‘product launch’ was our go at some silly April Fool’s Day fun :)  You took us by surprise though! Lots of you really, really want to order our prank Sticky9 #FancyPants! Maybe ‘Photowear’ is something we should be looking into after all! What do you think? 

Sticky9 pants, Sticky9 socks, Sticky9 bikini, Sticky9 pyjamas… If you could print your Instagram photos on ANY garment, which wearable would you choose? 

Tweet us at @sticky9 and tell us what you think - or drop a line to  :)

Tweet us at @sticky9 and tell us what you think - or drop a line to  :) 

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Meet the newest addition to the Sticky9 product collection! We are THRILLED to introduce… Sticky9 Photowear - the cheekiest way to keep your Instagrams close!

Sticky9 Photowear is available for men and for women and comes in 7 colourways - one for each day of the week. 


Made from 100% cotton, Sticky9 Photowear is printed and stitched in the UK by our new team of Sticky9 apparel experts. We told you we had big plans, right? Well - this is just the beginning! 


Each pair of fancy Sticky9 pants fits an average* of 14 Instagram photos. We stock a full size range XS - XL in both male + female styles. (We’ll post a full measurement guide on the site - don’t worry!). 

Sticky9 Photowear hits the online store tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd April. We can’t wait for you to give them a whirl! Please post your pics to InstagramFacebook + Twitter tagging #Sticky9 #Sticky9FancyPants so we can find you. Tell your friends! Sticky9 Photowear is coming :) 

Sticky9 Spotting… ON A MONDAY! :)

Sticky9 Spotting on a Monday?  Sure!  Why not? 

Firstly, Mondays are pretty dull so what better way to liven things up than by going on a Sticky9 Spotting trip? And secondly, today is the very last day of our big ‘3 for 2 / 5 for 3’ Sticky9 magnet promotion so, for inspiration, we thought you might enjoy snooping at what other Sticky9 friends get up to with their collections  :) 

Off we go! (Monday feels more fun already).

By @tarakatem 

By @naaathaa.

By @daydreamingmama.

By @araseyuta.

By @bedford81.

By @achenrik.

Some GREAT ideas in there, I think! We just love @bedford81’s Sticky9 magnet mirror and we’re SO jealous of @daydreamingmama’s collection (and her super-clean, super-chic kitchen) ;)

Just think what you could do with 27 magnets - or even 45 magnets! (That is a LOT of magnets). The 3 for 2 / 5 for 3 offer  ends midnight tonight. Hurry, hurry! 

An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds by Luke Stephenson

'An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds' is a marvellous compilation of photographs by Luke Stephenson. Luke started out on his project photographing budgies but soon found himself photographing an ever more varied selection of winged subjects!

These gloriously colourful beauties seem to rather enjoy their status as ‘Show Birds’ as they strike a pose for the camera! I could swear they’re smiling… 

To see more from Luke, visit his website

Source: It’s Nice ThatLuke Stephenson

Finding Vivian Maier…

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In 2007, when John Maloof purchased a stack of undeveloped film negatives from auction for $380, he probably didn’t expect to wind up in possession of some of the most celebrated street photography the art world has ever seen.

Having set about developing the films, John came to realise these pictures were no ordinary snaps and that they’d been taken by no ordinary ‘amateur’ photographer.

John was eventually able to identify the photographer and rightly attach Vivian Maier’s name to the photographs of 1950s/1960s Chicago + New York . He has been championing her work ever since. 

Employed as a nanny for 40 years, Vivian chose to keep her talent and her ‘pastime’ secret yet her photographs are celebrated (sadly, posthumously) and her work exhibited in London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Oslo and Hamburg… 

John has since made a documentary about ‘Finding Vivian Maier’. See the trailer below. The film opens tomorrow. Such an intriguing - and enchanting story! 

Source: Messy Nessy Chic, Vivian Maier /The John Maloof Collection, Variety

Pop! ‘Bubblegum’ by Emily Stein

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When was the last time you popped a bubblegum bubble? 

In the summer of 2013, photographer Emily Stein took portraits of children and teenagers in New York State blowing bubbles.  Her series ‘Bubblegum’ is beautiful. A celebration of youth (with a nod to its knack of whizzing by much too quickly), Emily’s portraits capture precious little moments of spontaneity and individuality.

Why not add a smidgeon of fun and silliness to your Wednesday?  Go buy a pack of gum.

Source:  It’s Nice That, Emily Stein

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